Senegal House in New York: The Judicial Dispute Resurfaces

The NEBULOUS situation of the Senegal House in New York, USA, is resurfacing. According to a well-informed source, the new Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs since April 5, 2024, Mrs. Yacine Fall, was informed over a week ago about this convoluted saga affecting our diplomacy. Pape Diédhiou, an architect who held a power of attorney in 2007, initiated legal proceedings in 2022 against Pierre Goudiaby Atépa for « fraud and illicit enrichment. » The architect, we are told, has an appointment with the American justice system to give « his deposition. » It is alleged that the former advisor and architect to President Abdoulaye Wade received at least 8 million 110 thousand US dollars for the « blueprint » of the Senegal House in New York and had requested an amount of 670 million 851 thousand 250 CFA from the State Judicial Agent (AJE), Me Abdoulaye Cissé, on February 28, 2017. Our source reveals that « Urbahn had refused to participate in his requests » while maintaining in court that « architect Atépa did nothing on the project. » Moreover, the same source reports that « in 2024, a request was made for an amicable resolution to Mr. Konan, » who, instead of « forwarding it to the Senegalese government, » allegedly chose to « remain silent. » Thus, the civil party in this case claims to have « called upon Mr. Konan to defend Senegal and not Mr. Goudiaby, who, according to them, seems compromised. In these grievances, the civil party recalled that in 2009, under the control of SE Wade, they concluded the purchase of the property located at 229 East 44th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue for 27 million dollars. At the signing, the sum of 2.4 million US dollars was handed over to Atépa for studies. (He disappeared with the entire amount). » In October 2010, it is indicated, « Urbahn received a mandate of 2 million 50 thousand US dollars and handed over 1 million 250 thousand US dollars to Atépa, which is more than half of Urbahn’s employee’s contribution of 225 thousand US dollars, in advance. He disappeared with this amount, the same source indicates. They add: Between 2014-2015, Senegal created a Delaware Dakar Holding Company to transfer its rights on the new 44th Street property (valued at 45 million) to Ron Yeffet under Birima Mangara. According to the State Judicial Agent Dianko: Senegal only transfers its rights to a private entity in an assembly. And on May 15, 2015, Fodé Seck acknowledged receipt of the invoice addressed to Senegal and responded to the civil party that on August 10, 2016, Senegal had already paid and to consult Mr. Goudiaby. Furthermore, they point out, in 2022, the government of Macky Sall handed over a sum of 4 million dollars to Pierre upon request, according to Mr. Thiam and Niang in court, this after having been paid 4 million 110 thousand US dollars (2.4 million and 1 million 710 thousand US dollars) by the Wade government. To recall, in 2007, diplomat Paul Badji initiated the project to purchase land to house the new Senegal House/Mission to the United Nations. This case should be closely monitored…


Source: Journal 24 Heures

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